As a first step towards focussing on the needs of the newcomers, the VINCE project will produce a comprehensive set of guidelines for Higher Education staff, to help them supporting newcomers and refugees in accessing Higher Education.

The guidelines include 5 parts:

  1. Welcome to Europe
  2. Welcome to this Country
  3. Welcome to Higher Education
  4. Welcome to this Instutiton
  5. Welcome to Validation

The guidelines will serve as practicable tool for university staff dealing with validation, in order for them devise strategies and methods to better address the needs and characteristics of the particular potential type of candidate to validation: newcomers and refugees.

Following key question will be answered by the VINCE Guidelines:

What activities can we develop to help refugees understand and take ownership of these guidelines?

Therefore, for example, HE teachers, validators, advisors and administrators will need to figure out what they need to do to their own validation procedure to improve it, being guided by the guidelines that will be developed.

A training course

A training course for HE teachers, validators, advisors and administrators will be developed taking account of the 4 stages of validation (CEDFOP, 2015), the various ways in HE staff operate, the use of the guidelines developed, the good practices collected, the experience of the partners and the specific needs of the newcomers, including their language needs to enable participants to deliver effective VPL for this target group.

A forum for Higher Education Staff

Check out the VINCE facebook group to exchange your experiences in validation non-formal and informal learning, especially considering the needs of migrants and refugees!

Mar 1, 2018 @ 17:23