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Support Refugees: Access to Higher Education through Validation

The VINCE forum “Support Refugees: Access to Higher Education through Validation” on Facebook is open for Higher Education staff, refugees, migrants, people working in NGOs, policy makers, individuals interested in validation and other stakeholders. Check out recent posts in the forum on Facebook or at #VINCEproject on Twitter and join the discussion!


Support Refugees: Access to Higher Education through Validation

🎓Validation of prior learning opens up possibilities and supports diversity in learning-pathways. We from VINCE project believe this supports the inclusion of new citizens in Higher Education and in society in general. ✌️This discussion group is for academic & administrative staff in HE, migrants, refugees, new citizens, world citizens and everyone who is interested in inclusion, opening up learning pathways and validation! 👉Discuss with us about challenges, risks and chances - because we do not want to just sit and watch, but participate in shaping our future!
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Have you heard about "The Silent University"?

"Since 2012 the Silent University has involved those that have had a professional life and academic training in their home countries, but are unable to use their skills or professional training due to a variety of reasons related to their status. Working together, the participants have developed lectures, discussions, events, resource archives and publications."

I really like the fact that is an organisation BY refugees, asylum seekers and migrants! #empowerment
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The Role of Digitalization in the Recognition/Validation of Prior Learning:

Yesterday, Florian Rampelt from Kiron Open Higher Education wrote at Linkedin how digitalization could support the inclusion of refugees:

"#Digitalization can help with several aspects: Digital solutions can
(1) improve information and expectation management,
(2) fill the waiting time with (also recognizable!) content based on MOOCs,
(3) help reduce efforts, complexity and costs,
(4) ensure portability and
(5) increase trust through transparency and cloud/blockchain-based certification and verification."

What do you think about it?

Read more here:
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That's interesting: a webinar how to support refugees in higher education by colleagues of the inHERE project! You can register and participate for free:
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Isabell Gru2 weeks ago
A nice visualization: why it needs inclusion, not only integration 😊
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Isabell Gru2 weeks ago
Full house at the department for educational research, University of Vienna - today I am joining the conference "Flucht und Bildung" - talking about education for refugees and how to support inclusion through education.
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Isabell Gru4 weeks ago
Hi there - at the moment the VINCE project partners are looking for people to interview. Do you know people who went through validation procedures to recognize their prior learning in higher education institutions outside their home countries and who are are willing to give an interview? 💬

Furthermore, we are not only looking for people to interview who are/were validation candidates themselves, but also who are validating/facilitating validation (e.g. advisor, assessors,...)!

We are thankful for any help in this regard! 🙏 The case studies will help us to improve and traing higher education staff in Europe. 🎓