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Support Refugees: Access to Higher Education through Validation

The VINCE forum “Support Refugees: Access to Higher Education through Validation” on Facebook is open for Higher Education staff, refugees, migrants, people working in NGOs, policy makers, individuals interested in validation and other stakeholders. Check out recent posts in the forum on Facebook or at #VINCEproject on Twitter and join the discussion!


Support Refugees: Access to Higher Education through Validation

🎓Validation of prior learning opens up possibilities and supports diversity in learning-pathways. We from VINCE project believe this supports the inclusion of new citizens in Higher Education and in society in general. ✌️This discussion group is for academic & administrative staff in HE, migrants, refugees, new citizens, world citizens and everyone who is interested in inclusion, opening up learning pathways and validation! 👉Discuss with us about challenges, risks and chances - because we do not want to just sit and watch, but participate in shaping our future!
Isabell Gru
Isabell Gru3 days ago
At Bologna Day at Fachhochschule Burgenland, Anne Kalaschek und I talked about VINCE project and how to validate prior informal and non-formal learning. Find below my blogpost in German language and my presentation slides! I talked about two approaches to validate: A rather summative way with formative aspects at UBO - Université de Bretagne Occidentale and formative, even reflective validation at University of Chester!

(Thank you for taking pictures Helmy S. Alam 🙂 good to meet you there!)
Ismail Amir
Ismail Amir2 days ago
Hello everyone,

Well I have a question and I hope that I will find the answer ASAP. Is " Ergänzungsprüfung" the same "Studienberechtigungsprüfung" ? I know already what is the meaning of "Studienberechtigungsprüfung" but "Ergänzungsprüfung" it's totally new, By the way they are requirements from FH. any help will be appreciated :).

Thanks in advance,
Helmar Hanak
Helmar Hanak shared a link to the group: Support Refugees: Access to Higher Education through Validation.5 days ago
Interesting 😁

Isabell Gru
Isabell Gru1 week ago
An important framework for the validation of non-formal and informal learning: The EQF.
🎉 Today and tomorrow we celebrate 10 years of EQF - the European Qualifications Framework. You can follow the conference via streaming online, see link below!
Zenou La
Zenou La2 weeks ago
Good day to you all!Thank you for the approval.
Isabell Gru
Isabell Gru shared a link to the group: Support Refugees: Access to Higher Education through Validation.2 weeks ago
🔝Webinar Tip: "Bridging and preparatory courses for refugees" 👨‍🎓- tomorrow, 8th of March at 4pm CET, hosted by the inHere project, which has, like VINCE project, the aim to support refugees in accessing Higher Education.

Speakers will be:
▪️Sanja Sontor, head of International Academic Partnerships of Kiron Open Higher Education
▪️Ranjit Singh, coordinator of the Refugee Welcoming Sorbonne Programme of the Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne University (France).