VINCE Case Studies

Case Studies about Validation and Recognition in Europe

Validation Professionals

In this section you will find case studies based on interviews with validation professionals, recognition professionals or higher education staff from 8 different European countries.


In this section you will find case studies based on interviews with refugees or migrants, now living in Europe.

Collected Case Studies for the VINCE Validation Prize 2019

For the VINCE Validation Prize, various institutions and individuals have submitted case studies for the validation of prior learning (VPL) and the validation of non-formal and informal learning (VNIL).

The following cases studies were collected:

Finalists of VINCE Validation Prize 2019

The case studies received were all interesting and have been and added value for our VINCE project. However, after deliberation, the VINCE’s jury, composed by external and internal experts, has selected as finalists these 3 case studies:
  • AUSTRIA: Aleksandra Panek. Counselling Centre for Migrants and AST Vienna. Download the AUSTRIA case here.
  • ITALY: University of Bari. Centre for LLL for Migrants and Refugees. Download the ITALY case here.
  • PORTUGAL: Luisa Dornellas. Lisbon City Council Qualifica Centre (Department for training and development). Download the PORTUGAL case here.
The authors of these cases will be presenting their work at the final Symposium  of VINCE in Barcelona, 14 November 2019

Aug 28, 2019 @ 10:10

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