In Bulgaria there is no specific strategy on VNF-IFL. Nevertheless the political will with regard to the
elaboration and implementation of a system for validation of qualification, acquired through non-formal and
informal learning is expressed through the main objectives of priority 3 of the Strategy on Continuing
Vocational Training 2005-2010 – Ensuring high quality of continuing education and training. Special chapters
are devoted to validation of non-formal and informal learning also in the Adult Training Strategy (not
officialised yet) and the Lifelong Learning Strategy – 2008-2013. This strategy envisages the validation and
certification of learning results on the basis of internal or external evaluation of achievements; elaboration of
instruments for measuring the results from non-formal and self-learning; expanding the participation of
employers organizations in the elaboration of assessment criteria for learning results; revision of the
normative framework in order to define the rights
and obligations of stakeholder groups in the process. The respective texts in these papers give the strategic
vision for implementation for the next years.