Project Description

CPZ – International, Centre for Knowledge Promotion, is a private, non-profit organization, working in the field of education. It was established in 2001 to engage in activities as diverse as research and development of innovations in education, consultancy and organisation of seminars, workshops and examinations. Ever since the establishment of CPZ – International, ist work has been driven by the aim to contribute to improved learning and employment opportunities for everyone.

The main activities of CPZ – International currently are:

  • Cooperation in EU-funded research and innovation projects in the field of education
  • Conducting baseline studies and investigations in the fields of education and employment
  • Offering support and consultancy in the introduction of changes into national education systems

CPZ – International has considerable knowledge and experience in the field of systems and practices for recognition of prior learning, which it acquired through previous cooperation in different projects, including Observal and Observal-Net. A major responsibility of CPZ – International in the VINCE project is to co-lead the execution of WP2 – updating the VPL/VNIL profiles of EU countries on the Observal-Net website and identification of good practices in VPL/VNIL.

Nov 18, 2019 @ 10:27