Project Description

The Foundation European Centre Valuation Prior Learning (EC-VPL) was founded in the Netherlands in 2002 and is a non-profit organisation. The Foundation, with its structural staff of 6 people and incidental staff, studies, accumulates and distributes information on every imaginable aspect of lifelong learning-strategies in which the systematics of Valuation/Validation of Prior Learning (VPL) plays a structuring role.



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The mission of EC-VPL is the sustainable development of ‘the self’, i.e. the citizen who based on his/her self-reflection and self-management of competences can be the true owner of his/her personal and continuous development process within the present ‘learning society’.

Examples are:

  • National and international information pertaining to VPL projects.
  • Qualitative research: case studies, procedures, instruments, financing and legislation.
  • Incidental bottlenecks in the sphere of legislation and regulations are surveyed and discussed with responsible authorities. Furthermore, training-manuals for the professionals working in the lifelong learning-arena are developed.
  • Development and implementation of training-programmes.
  • Experiments and projects on sector, national and European levels.
  • Disseminating results and good practice of the use of VPL within LLL-strategies.
  • Quality-management of projects and innovation-processes in learning-& working-fields.

Advice and guidance of target-group organisations in the fields of VPL-enhanced lifelong learning-strategies.

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