Project Description

Internationaal Vrouwen Centrum Den Helder (IVC Den Helder)

The International Women Center is a local voluntary center that works with a certain method witch implements VPL. We developed a method witch is called the Participation Ladder Model witch gives women the ability to make steps on the ladder from isolated up to paid work by following courses and trainings and develop trough social activation to re-integration. Our target group consists of migrants includes the disadvantaged, characterized as unemployed, lacking formal education, immigrants, young women and women over the age of fifty. (Immigrant) women experience more distance to the labor market.

Our Aim

Our aim is to help women integrate, participate, emancipate and become aware of their own abilities and talents within society. (more information:

The Role of Validation for Inclusion

We recognize validation and its wider benefits for the society. In order to be successful we have a large network cooperation with stakeholders, social partners, across sectors and institutions. The inflow of participants comes from mouth to mouth information, women shelters, integration office, the voluntary work center, congregation, re-integration partners, educational institutes and health institutions, the outflow of participants goes to employers, education institutes, formal higher education centers, work placements. All the social – cultural religious organization in the area are implemented at the center by the Platform Honor Violence.

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