Project Description

A public institution founded in 1971, UBO is a medium-sized and multidisciplinary university (around 20,000 students with 1700 international students) offering a wide range of programmes in all fields. It is a member of the Université Bretagne Loire (UBL), a regional coordination structure for higher education.

The Université de Bretagne Occidentale (UBO) is located in Brittany, on the north-western coast of France. Université de Bretagne occidentale is composed of 6 faculties, 7 specialised institutes, 1 engineering school and 1 midwifery school.

In 1973, by creating a department dedicated to continuing education and work based learning, that welcomes over 7000 trainees per year, UBO made a commitment to supporting skills development for people.

This University department has built its legitimacy on its ability to respond in a relevant and sustainable manner to the needs of individuals, socio economics actors and organizations for new skills.

The work based learning unit was created in 2008 within the department. Université de Bretagne occidentale is one of the pioneers  of The validation of acquired experience or recognition of prior learning. There is a dedicated office to resumption of studies and validation of prior learning (seven people are working in this office)

They are responsible  for managing enrolments on continuing education courses offered by the University (more than 1500 adults enrolled on national degree courses), coaching adults returning to education and managing the 3 schemes and procedures for validation of prior learning and experience.

This VNIL procedure carried out at UBO is for all interested people who have at least one year of work experience, regardless age, educational level or status : that can be employees, self employed individuals, civil servants, job seekers and volunteers. Continuing education and work based learning department has been involved in different european projects on VPL topic.

UBO coordinated within the framework of IDEAL project and participated in Valeru project (validation of non formal and informal learning in russian higher education). UBO has therefore a strong experience in designing and organizing workshops aiming at training future validators.

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