These guidelines are aimed at supporting higher education professionals dealing with applications to their institutions by refugees or migrants with a refugee-like situation who would like to start or continue their higher education.

Questions about higher education in Europe which migrants frequently ask have been formulated and the answers provided. There are three categories of FAQs:

  • General information on higher education in Europe
  • Admission regulations and funding
  • Information on student life

In some cases, the answers refer to higher education issues in Europe and are of direct relevance to all European HE professionals. The answers to other questions will depend on the country and/or the institution where the HE professional is located. All the questions are answered with an overview; hyperlinks to websites for more detailed information and sources are provided. The HE professional can use the questions and answers, as appropriate, but may wish to customise the answer to his/her country/institution.

At the end of the document there is also the list of links to websites or/and documents used when writing this document that might be useful as a reference.