Case Study: Car Industry: The CS reports an interview held in Valladolid in March 2010 as part of a 6 months project entitled: “accreditation of non-formal learning and experience in car industry of Castilla and León”, in which four companies of the car industry participated: Renault, Michelin, Iveco (multinational Fiat) and Antolín Group (which produces car parts). The CS reports of an interview conducted with a person who started work at the age of 16 and who, at 32 has just started to work for Renault. The interview aimed to draw the profile of a potential candidate for validation, who wishes to have his skills acquired through 16 years of working life assessed. It explains that these regions have the highest rate of people working in the car industry in the whole of Spain, and also concentrate many suppliers of large multinational companies in the car industry. It describes some of the validation process carried out by the companies, as well as the agreements passed with the regional government, whereby the company is recognised as a centre of training under the supervision of an inspectorate. It specifies that the project had the support of the Trade Unions, and gives some details about the evaluation process.