This is a list of projects, which are related to the VINCE project. We have similar aims and are working together.

Enhance IDM!

EnhanceIDM (Enhanced Programme Leadership for Inclusion and Diversity Management (IDM) in Higher Education) aims at developing tools and trainings for academic middle management in order to improve their diversity competences and equip them with the skills necessary to deal with the demands and needs of an increasingly heterogeneous student population. In the course of the project which runs until May 2020 a blended-learning training consisting of a three day face-to-face workshop and an e-learning component featuring tailor-made multimedia resources will be developed. In addition, a freely accessible IDM toolbox including an online self-assessment is being produced.


EUCRITE – European Centre for Refugee Integration in Higher Education, is an Erasmus+ funded program (Sept. 2017 – October 2019) whose main goal is that of providing support and training to administrative and academic staff in their interaction with displaced students. The training modules developed can further be extended by HEIs in interacting with other underprivileged groups.


In the current refugee challenge in Europe, the social dimension of Higher Education is concerned with providing opportunities for refugees to participate in the European Higher Education Area. inHERE strengthens knowledge sharing, peer-support and academic partnership to facilitate integration and access of refugees in European Higher Education Institutions.