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Validation processes set to gain from 21st-century innovations – Challenges in certification still hampering learners

We recommend the latest issue of ELM (European Lifelong Learning Magazine) – it is about validation! The recognition of all learning – not..

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Welcome to this Country

Welcome to the Countries of Europe! How can I find a job in this country? ‍⚕️ How does the health system work? How can I learn the local..

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VINCE Validation Prize 2019

✏️ Submit your experiences about the validation of prior learning, win the #VINCEproject Validation Prize 2019 and travel to BARCELONA More..

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Refugee education in crisis: three standout statistics

According to UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency 34% of youth around the world go to university vs. only 1% of refugee youth go to university Validation..

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Proyecto Integra

Education for integration✌️ Education for a better future. A powerful video by the INTEGRA Project in Spain

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