Learning from Positive Experiences

What do refugees think about validation and recognition of their prior learning?

“These documents are my securities. They show that I am a good person who has studied, and a person who wants to work and contribute to the society. You need to have an evidence of that, and these documents are my evidence.”

Mara (33) living in Norway


“I had my competences recognized for the education and I felt  as if a path appeared for me, and a light was turned on. Now, I could make a living”.

Abadi (32) living in Denmark


“It was surprising for me to realize the relevance of all my work for the field of this study”.

Jawad (40) living in Denmark


My greatest hope for the future is to be well integrated into the Norwegian society. I owe Norway so much for choosing me as a quota refugee. When you receive an opportunity like the one we have received, you have to show that you are able to work hard and do your best.“

Haya (28) living in Norway


The VINCE Case Studies

Learn more about experiences of validation professionals and refugees regarding validation and recognition procedures

Validation Professionals

In this section you find case studies based on interviews with validation professionals, recognition professionals or higher education staff from 8 different European countries.

Refugees and Migrants

In this section you find case studies based on interviews with refugees or migrants, now living in Europe.

VINCE Case Study Report


VINCE Case Study Commentary Report

What is the Result of the Collected Case Studies?

Download the VINCE Case Studies Commentary Report and learn more about the 36 case studies collected during the VINCE project.