5 Welcome Guidelines

Welcome-Guidelines for Refugees and Migrants

VINCE project created templates for higher education institutions, containing frequently asked questions (FAQs) from refugees and migrants. Higher education professionals can use the templates and adapt it based on their country’s and/or  institution’s specifications. The templates are available in several languages and can be downloaded for free.

How to use the Guidelines?

  • Guidelines for higher education staff to help migrants and refugees.

  • Download & adapt the guidelines for your purpose!

  • Share the guidelines on your institution’s website.

Let us know if you translate our guidelines: we can add them to the VINCE platform and make them available to others!

5 Welcome-Guidelines to Use, Adapt and Share

Welcome to Europe

Questions about living and working in Europe, which migrants frequently ask, have been formulated and the answers provided. There is an initial section with basic information about Europe followed by two main categories of FAQs: Main organisation and standards of Europe and settling in Europe.

Welcome to this Country

Questions about living in this country, which refugees and migrants frequently ask have been formulated and the answers provided. There are four categories of FAQs:

  • General information about this country
  • Conditions for refugees during and after asylum seeking
  • System of schools & education
  • Systems for transport, working and health

Welcome to Higher Education in Europe

Questions about higher education in Europe which migrants frequently ask have been formulated and the answers provided. There are three categories of FAQs:

  • General information on higher education in Europe
  • Admission regulations and funding
  • Information on student life

Welcome to this Institution

Typical questions asked by migrants or refugees have been formulated and the answers provided, grouped into four categories:

  • General Information about the Institution and Departments
  • Language Issues
  • Funding and Financial Support
  • Social and Practical Issues

Welcome to Validation

These guidelines are designed to help professionals in higher education (HE) to explain validation of prior learning (VPL) to newcomers (i.e. migrants and/or refugees) and to show them how it might facilitate their entry into higher education programmes of study.

Glossary, Terminology and Disclaimers

Download the glossary with relevant definitions around the validation of prior learning in your language:

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