Project Description

Club for UNESCO of Piraeus & Islands has been founded at 1998, at the region of Piraeus. Club for UNESCO of Piraeus and Islands is a private, non profit and non governmental organization, aiming to foster intercultural awareness, understanding, cooperation and solidarity according to the principles and ideals of UNESCO. It is managed by an eleven-member Board of Directors, the members of which are volunteers and has more than 3.000 members who are always willing to help, alongside the Group’s 125 employees.

Club for UNESCO of Piraeus & Islands activates in around five key sections. Culture, solidarity, arts, education and sports. Having always at the center of the interest people and their needs, in the last few years, it is given a special emphasis at the creation of an integrated network of structures for the elimination of poverty, where every day hundreds of people find fresh cooked food, care,  a place to sleep, to  take a bath and take their medication.

At the same time, we did not turn our back on the refugees and we tried to help with all our forces. We hosted a large number of immigrant families every day in our structures, so that they could eat,  take a bath, their  medicine,  consulting or to sleep. Having great experience in such matters, we are planning to extend our structures with 130 new beds and we are in the process of building a reception and care home for unaccompanied migrant children.

Without forgetting the cultural aims and thinking that culture also works as a lever of development, we οperate our structures as places of culture and education. Every day in our structures we organise seminars and data meetings. Our great project, which we are constantly working on, is the return of Parthenon marbles. In addition, our educational center with over 700 students where foreign languages are taught is also very successful.  Club for UNESCO of Piraeus & Islands is in the service of man and his needs, because giving is our way of life.

Nov 18, 2019 @ 10:36