In Latvia there is not yet a unified management and monitoring system of Lifelong learning and APEL created. Higher education establishments are active in LLL provision but each of them offers different forms and content of continuing education. Prior education and work experience so far has not been recognized, not to speak about evaluation, validation, accreditation and credit transfer. The pressure to increase the provision of continuing education has been growing. Partnership among the HE institutions in Latvia has not been strong enough. National Qualifications Framework is ready since 2005 but it is not yet approved by the Government. There is no legislation to back up these new tendencies in Latvian higher education area. National Government at the time being is trying to stop
the Lifelong learning development processes due to the shortage of funding. Latvian non-formal adult education centres are very weak; they lack local governments’ support because of the reform of Latvian administrative system of local governments which will be finished in the summer of 2009.