VINCE Training Workshop in Munich, Germany


  • 2th of July 2019, 14:00 – 17:30

  • Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Leopoldstrasse 13, 80802 München

  • For higher education staff advising migrants/refugees and students at the university

  • The workshop was held in German language with 22 persons at LMU, Munich, Germany

  • Workshop-Moderators: Thomas Eckert and Randolph Preisinger-Kleine

About the Workshop

The goal of the workshop was to introduce and discuss the ideas and tools of the VINCE project with persons who are responsible for or affected from validation of competences in Munich, especially at the LMU. The discussion was open to LMU-students. Invited persons were Robin Eisenreich from the LMU international office, Clara Epping from the LMU guidance service, Karin Berner from the Museum five continents in Munich and Rebecca Kilian-Mason from the ‘Flüchtlingsrat’ (refugees council). Representatives from the VINCE-Project were Thomas Eckert and Randolph Preisinger-Kleine. The workshop was held in German.

Workshop Impressions

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